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Healthcare Portal Gets a SEO Check-Up

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Updated 11/2/21

For 40 years, Emerson Ecologics has been a vital link between integrative doctors and their patients and as part of their marketing strategy, Emerson had generated 600+ blog posts and online articles. Unfortunately, the content had never been optimized for search engines. Meanwhile, Emerson’s competitors were generating 6x more organic traffic - a clear sign Emerson had to rethink its approach.

Powering audience expansion through search-optimized content

I defined and executed a content marketing strategy for Emerson rooted in search engine optimization (SEO) best practices that would attract doctors and patients searching for information on health conditions. Over a 6-month period, I delivered:

  • A new headless content management system (CMS), Contentful, to streamline and scale content management and production

  • Content audit and migration to inform new content structures and consistent organizing principles

  • SEO content strategy anchored by cornerstone (“skyscraper”) content and supported with longform blog posts

  • Keyword strategy identifying keywords and content at the intersection of Emerson’s brand/expertise, search volume and the competitive landscape

  • New blog page layout to support enhanced user experience and search indexing (see before and after images below)

Results: 250% growth in organic traffic and 1000% growth in top 10 position keywords in less than a year

Contact me if you're ready to make your healthcare content work harder for your organization.

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