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Accelerate the customer journey through insights

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Leveraging insights from prospect or customer research can improve practically every metric you’re aiming for. Activating these insights can:

  • Accelerate the customer journey;

  • Increase conversions;

  • Drive more leads, sales, and revenue.

I've used proven frameworks like customer journey maps informed by the Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD) approach as a simple but powerful way to extract ultra-valuable customer insights.

When to use customer journey maps

Customer journey maps can be generated from qualitative research to create a shared, organization-wide understanding of the customer journey (or funnel). The maps can then be used to:

  • Improve touchpoints that cause pain or confusion for customers along their journey

  • Amplify touchpoints that delight customers along their journey

  • Optimize copy throughout the journey to support customers' needs

  • Assign ownership of key touchpoints in the journey that need attention

Case study: Fueling lead generation through journey map insights

Seeking to expand into new markets, Harvard Business Publishing (HBP), the world’s leading business education learning platform, hired Valocity Marketing to conduct an in-depth study of prospective customers. Within 12 weeks, Valocity Marketing had completed the project, generating detailed journey maps informed by qualitative and quantitative research including phone interviews and online surveys.

Using the journey maps as a jumping off point, I facilitated ideation workshops with teams across sales, marketing, product, and user experience aimed at supporting prospects' needs through improved messaging, offerings, etc. New initiatives from the workshops included:

  • New course planning lead-generation offerings for prospects

  • Optimized copy throughout the journey / customer funnel

  • Enhanced onboarding workflows for prospects

  • Marketing calendar and tactics aligned with course planning seasonality

Val is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has helped us on a number of key strategic projects and is effective at the intersection of analytics and creative strategy, able to adapt to our needs quickly and effectively.

Rana Ghahremanpour, Sr Director, Global Marketing

Harvard Business Publishing

Contact me if you're interested in applying these best practices to your company or organization.

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